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Our special baby

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Welcome to the world Zachary!

With having three half sisters......

Zachary was one wanted little baby boy. It took us two long years to conceive him. Through countless doctor appointments, tests, medication and one miscarriage we got our miracle.

At 39 weeks along my Dr, god love him, decided to have sympathy for me and enduce labor.

On that day, October 20, 2004 at 8:43pm, my miracle was born. It was the most emotional day of my life. My sweet baby boy was born with a complete left unilateral cleft lip and palate.

Please enjoy your visit to his site as I take total pride in showing him off. He is my soul. We all love him to the ends of the earth.

I have several different pages to his site. Please make sure you visit his 'Progress' page often as it will have many new pictures to track his weekly stages.

1st surgery was March 4th for his lip and nose repair!!!!

Vital Statistics

Zachary Thomas
Date of Birth: 10-20-04
Time of Birth: 8:43pm
Place: PA
8lbs 4oz - 21" long


1 day old


11 months old


3 years old

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